Uncover the truth behind one-night stand

Uncover the truth behind one-night stand

Men and women in the one-night stand have very different mentalities.

Men only want that, uh, you know what I mean.

Women benefit from the illusions of sweet talk and one-night stand with men in order to satisfy desires.

   A survey showed that the results of one-night stand are like paradise for most men and negative for most women.

The survey further examined the nuances of incidental sex and its instability in the relationship between men and women.

    Findings from the survey indicate that women are not attracted to men to make each other their lifelong partners, but because they are impressed by going through this stage together.

So in the past they were misunderstood.

    Researchers point out that men in a night stand often lower their selection criteria.

So men’s praise and flattery of women at this time is just an illusion.

    Psychologist Ann Durham University?

Campbell said that in such situations, women usually say things like “I feel that I have been greatly praised and very happy that he was attracted to me.

It is really pleasant to be so needed. ”

But in fact, most women may lower their selection criteria.

She also pointed out that men should not flatter women like this because he only wanted to sleep with her once.

    True Feelings and Data Much of the research on incidental sexual behavior is based on fictional stories or participating in one’s own fantasies about one-night stand.

The new research is based on the readme of the one-night situation.

    In the June issue of Human Nature, Campbell said that women are not suitable for sexual relations with multiple partners.

In multisex relationships, women have to bear more, while men are in a win-win situation.

For example, an imminent baby will be a great responsibility for women, and men can escape this responsibility.


Xie Kefu said that for women, the potential risk value of one-night stands, so it is not surprising that research results point out that one-night stands are not so exciting but rather frustrating.


Xie Kefu, an evolutionary psychology scholar from Atlantic University, did not participate in this study.

But Xie Kefu also said that from the perspective of advanced chemistry, the relationship between multiple sexual partners provides women with some natural advantages.

This natural advantage can explain why many women feel sick after one night stand but still do not repent.

Biochemical reactions during the menstrual cycle may cause women to have sexual impulses, while sexual relationships with multiple partners allow women to choose the best genes for offspring.

    After dawn, Campbell surveyed 3,300 people, most of whom were between 17 and 40.

More than half of the heterosexual respondents admitted that a one-night stand had occurred, and the chances of one-night stand were basically equal between men and women.

    On the whole, women feel more negative than men after the one-night stand, while 80% of men feel happy overall.

Only 54% of women found it pleasant afterwards.

    The earliest women admitted to feeling like they were being used after a one-night stand, and had things such as “I am very cheap”, “I am afraid later”, “I am sorry”

Such behavior makes you undervalue and makes you look casual.


    Contrary to popular belief, women do not name casual sexuality as the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Campbell told Life Science that when women and men have a one-night stand, it is not because the woman wants the man to marry her, but she wants the man to understand that she is usually not like this. The one-night stand tonight is that she is especially for this man.Did it.

    If the other person is serious, men will feel a sense of accomplishment after the one-night stand, and men will be more sexually satisfied than the one-night stand.

For one-night stands, men’s typical positive comments include bliss, excitement, and passion and think that one-night stands bring pressure to release.

Men’s negative comments on one-night stand are mainly emptiness and loneliness.     Why do women try one-night stand?

    Even women feel bad after one night stand, but they still have one night stand over and over again.

Why is that?

    They may be doing this by choosing quality genes for their offspring.

Therefore, if a woman can’t win a long-term relationship with a man with good genes (some genes that are resistant to disease or a certain talent), her thinking will change to “Why not have sex with him once?”

    Campbell said, what if you meet a guy like Brad?

If a man like Pete who is both wealthy and chic, you basically can’t make him promise to spend the rest of his life with you; but it is likely that he will have a half-hour relationship with you in a hotel room on a Wednesday afternoon.