Rick and Morty: Rick stands on the top of the universe, more lonely than Xie’s ear

“Rick and Morty”: Rick stands on the top of the universe, more lonely than Xie’s ear
“Rick and Morty” aired in the fourth season, and scored more than 9 in Douban as in the previous three seasons.5. Become the closest masterpiece in the American drama to a score close to 10.Legend has it that the popularity of the divine drama has to mention the heroine Rick.The traditional image of old people in China is mostly plain, calm, and easy to play with grandchildren. “Seventy and do what one wants without exceeding one’s limits.” Rick did the opposite. He did what he wanted and exceeded all the moments, completely ignoring social rules.Scientific geek image.Rick wrapped himself with science to escape loneliness Rick appeared in the first episode of Season 1 in a grotesque image, and dragged his grandson Morty from the bed in the middle of the night to take risks, drinking and planning to drop the neutrino bomb and blow up the earthToo.He seems to “love” his grandson. He wants to pick up Jessica, the girl his grandson likes. His daughter, granddaughter, he doesn’t care anymore-father and mother are not important, stuffing your favorite girl is done.Well-known education, school education in Morty’s eyes is just a teacher on the stage 2 + 2, the students under the answer 4 and then a box of milk.Still have transcripts?A piece of paper that can be used to go to the toilet.So his attitude towards school education is: that place is not suitable for smart people.There is a grandfather of scientists in the Chinese family, and the children are equal to having free homework tutors, even if they just feel the integration of science early.Grandpa Rick became the culprit of the children skipping class. He took his grandson to take risks in the universe every night. In order to let Morty get A, he set up a set of equipment like “Pirates of Dream Space” and ran to the math teacher’s dream to giveMorty A.Morty raised the question for all of us: “You would rather go east and west than teach me homework.”This is the question that the counselor trimmed when the family received psychological counseling in the second season:” Your family is using science to escape from life problems.”Rick messed up the earth and couldn’t live anymore. He simply went to another parallel world to replace another pair of Rick and Morty who were killed by scientific experiments.In order to clean up the messy house before his daughter Beth returned, Rick stopped the time, and the improper operation caused the time line to split.He can choose to repair the earth, and also tell his daughter the ins and outs of things and bear the consequences of his actions, but he uses science to escape all responsibilities.Using only one method to interpret and deal with the world, this person is either a psychological defense or an attack.Public science outside Rick wraps its own layer, hiding in the fortress of science, evading life, and more importantly, escaping loneliness.In fact, Shelton is a model soldier who abides by social rules. In the “Big Bang of Life”, Shelton, who has a high IQ, behaves strangely and has various human feelings.In terms of social life, he worked as a teacher and researcher in the university and led a regular and rigid life.In terms of personal life, he had a group of friends including roommate Leonard, who got married to his girlfriend who was also a scientist.His dream is to get the Nobel Prize, he won in the finale, and his achievements are recognized by the society.Shelton basically put himself in the “normal” frame of society.Grandpa Rick?After 20 years of disappearance, he returned to his daughter’s house to live in a mess in the underground garage tentatively called a scientific experiment.Is it possible for him to regard the Nobel Prize as a goal?He made weapons to sell to alien killers, just to play virtual games with three thousand alien coins!In order to obtain the hallucinogen, Lincolner, who mixed the genes of Lincoln and Hitler, was tricked into looking for it, saying that he could save the party and kill Lincolner.The girlfriend he made was the “community” of the world through brainwashing the entire planet.Following Coleberg’s six-stage theory of morality, when people are at the lowest stage of moral standards, people cannot observe social rules well, and at the highest stage, they can abide by the limitations of moral rules.Is Rick at the lowest stage or the highest stage?This is a complicated question.Judging simply from the current universal value standards of human beings, Rick’s behavior is often inconsistent and belongs to the lowest stage.But strictly speaking, the scope of Rick’s life greatly exceeds the scope of the earth and humans.From a horizontal perspective, he shuttles between various planets and parallel worlds, and from a vertical axis, he travels past, present, and future.He even switched freely between the macro and micro worlds.Perhaps the “universal biological universal value standard” should be used to determine the stage of Rick’s behavior?If there is such a standard.Rick told us: “The universe is a crazy and chaotic place.” It is a problem to transform relatively orderly value standards in an absolutely disordered universe.Standing on the top of the world, lonely like this, it is easy to label Rick with antisocial labels. Sometimes Rick does n’t seem to be so thorough, just like he still went home after 20 years, he was not in the universe.Leave the nasty son-in-law behind.In the fourth season, after his family told him the truth, he would ask his grandson for advice before taking Morty on the adventure: Would you like to go with me?Daughter, son-in-law did not allow him to hide aliens at home, he also obeyed-in an anti-social way: he shot and killed his alien pet.Rick’s “anti” is somewhat related to his “see” beyond time and space.I would like to ask if we can travel through time to reach the future, and like Rick see that human technology in the future world has achieved eternal youth, how many people can resist the temptation and not give ourselves a youthful agent?There is a tiny world in the animation just as the battery of the Rick car. If humanity, the existence value of the earth is also to provide kinetic energy for more advanced and macroscopic organisms, then do humans have to rethink the ideals they are fighting for now, such as the environmental movement,Genetic engineering and other work for the benefit of future generations?If the universe is described by animation, the various planets and the world are often closed for inexplicable reasons and even destroyed, just like humans walking on the road and stepping on an ant, they are random, with a huge sense of powerlessness and helplessness. Human society has onlyHow small its rules are.Rick thus came up with the nihilistic view: “Everything you do is not important!Your existence is a lie!”Sheldon ‘s loneliness is relative. He has friends, three similar companions, and Hawking, a worshiper. He has a shallow to deep connection with the world.He may have stood on top of the world and saw the possibility of some worlds.Make friends with Hawking and openly exchange views on scientific research. The feeling that loneliness will be relieved.Rick ‘s loneliness is absolute. He has never seen people before, knows people unknown, and walks in various worlds but does not belong to any one.Standing on the top of the universe overlooking all beings, no one can stand side by side with it.His mantra wubba lubba dub dub means “I am in pain, come and save me” in the bird language.The antidote to nothingness: accept the meaninglessness of life and concentrate on life. Even if mortals ca n’t travel through the universe, they can understand the smallness of humans and the earth from the existing knowledge of astrophysics and science. In the ultimate sense, the existence of humans and the earth is meaningless.But in the relationship between human cognition and behavior, how to look at the known world is the key.Rick chose to give up his life in the face of meaninglessness, throwing infinite vitality at random on boring trifles, obtaining alien coins, and getting hallucinogens.Camus already pointed out that Sisyphus was punished by God for eternal rolling stones. He knew that the boulders would slide down and fate would reincarnate again. He still chose to roll the stones uphill and accepted the meaninglessness of life. This is a ridiculous hero.Chinese Taoists have Zhuangzi’s “knowledge that they can’t help but live in peace” and accept the absurdity of reality.Confucianism has the fearless spirit of “knowing what it can’t do”, and the process of concentration (life) is not the result.Rick’s strong vitality and ability to break through the existing rules attracted family members to turn around him, and also attracted countless audiences to become fans.However, his nihilism and blindness of life are not the only antidote against meaninglessness.Accepting meaninglessness and devoting ourselves to the process of life, we can look down on “Rick and Morty” and get out of the conflict between “existence and nothingness”.□ Cui Hong (column writer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Wei Zhuo