2015NBA Eastern Conference Finals-Cavaliers vs. Eagles latest situation

2015NBA Eastern Conference Finals-Cavaliers vs Eagles latest situation
The first game of the Eastern Conference Finals was held in Atlanta. The game is now in the third quarter and the two sides are still fighting.What worries Cavaliers fans, however, is that James’ right foot suddenly has some problems.James toe sprain treated slow motion on the sidelines and then explained James’ posture when he was injured. When Carol tried a three-pointer from outside, James saved the block. Under strong inertia, Zhuang rushed out of the field and seemed to step on the audience’s foot.on.Suddenly twisted to the right foot and replaced, and became limp.  In the subsequent attack and defense round, James’ legs and feet were always inconvenient. In desperation, the Cavaliers could only request a timeout. Zhan Huang limp with one foot and slowly walked off the court. The team doctor hurried forward to check.  Blatter then replaced James with JR, and Zhan Huang, who was sitting on the bench, kept stepping on his right leg, trying to ease the alignment of his feet, and he took off his boots.  It seems that the problem is not too big. After two minutes of truce on the sidelines, James returned to the field.(Yang Willie)